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Texas, like many states, has a zero tolerance law for minors. This means that drivers under 21 years old cannot have any detectable amount of alcohol or drugs in their system while driving. If you are under 21 and arrested for driving with a BAC over .08, you will be charged with DWI and face the consequences of a DWI charge. If you are under 21 and your BAC is under .08, you will be charged with DUI.


For a first DUI offense, you face the following consequences:


  • Up to a $500 Fine

  • License Suspension up to 1 Year

  • Alcohol Education Program at Least 12 Hours Long

  • An Additional 180 Days License Suspension if You Do Not Complete the Alcohol Education Program

  • Community Service

  • Possible Ignition Interlock Device


An experienced DWI lawyer may be able to help you avoid a DUI conviction. If you have been arrested for DUI in Texas, contact the Loker Law Firm today to discuss your case with an experienced Texas DWI lawyer.

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